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Carroll County Senior Services

Seniors are Our Business

A Non-Profit Service Organization


July Holidays
2nd-World UFO Day
4th- National Fried Chicken Day and Kissing Day
7th Chocolate Day
11th- Cheer up the Lonely and Blueberry Muffin Day
12th-Pecan Pie Day
17th- Yellow Pig Day and Nature Day
20th- Ugly Truck Day
26th Parent’s Day
29th Lasagna Day


Don't regret growing older.
It's a privilege denied to many.


Famous Birthdays:
6th George W Bush
11th John Quincy Adams
15th Rembrandt
25 Walter Brennan

Did You Know:
1st official adhesive stamp for sale                           1847
US started using 5 digit zip codes                              1963
Amelia Earhart and her plane were lost                 1937
Readers Digest was founded                                      1922
1st atomic bomb was detonated in New Mexico 1945
Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon  1969
Charles E Menches invented the first ice cream cone      1904
CIA was created                                                           1947
Bug Bunny made his first carton debut                            1940
First color motion pictures were exhibited                           1928

July Quotations:

Happy Independence Day!!!
Freedom is not free…
Thank-you to all who have paid the price-
Past, Present, and Future.




*** BINGO is always 1st and 3rd Tuesdays
*** YOGA is every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00

The Carroll County Senior Center was established in May of 1998. We have 15 board members representing the Carroll County area. We are funded through Senior Real Estate Tax, NIAAA Grants, Donations by Organizations, Churches, Townships, Private Citizens, and also sales of Crafts and paper recycle.

The mission of the Carroll County Senior Services Organization is to facilitate a variety of services and activities to enrich the daily lives of the citizens of Carroll County.

Bingo card
A Place where you can come for information, assistance, and Fun !!!!
Browse our Crafters Store
Browse our Book and Puzzle Selection
Play a Game of Pool
Run / Walk on our treadmill
Ride the stationary bike
Play Bingo
Game of Pool


Simple Fundraising

Do you want to donate to Carroll County Senior Services Organization but don't have the funds?  Do you already donate but want to give more?  Now you can donate easily and automatically at no cost to you.  Check out our Simple Fundraising page and see how.

We are located on the West Side of the Court house Square.

Carroll County Senior Services
306 N Main St.
Mt. Carroll, IL 61053

Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM